"Don't Waste Your Time Looking Back, You're Not Going That Way".

My axe throwing journey begins with my wife Crissy introducing me to the sport, From my first throw i was hooked. Joining the closest league and building targets at our home, it soon became a passion. Crissy and I knew that we wanted to bring the sport closer to home for others to enjoy as well.


" I Am Iron And I Will Forge Myself" 

Hi Crissy here, Welcome to the Haus I've created. From Shield Maidens to Warriors we are all equal. 

The Haus has been a dream in the making for years. As a mother of four kids that are growing up moving out, I knew it was time to find my calling. 

Who would've known it was slinging Hatchets! 

I look forward to sharing axe throwing experiences and making new friends.


" The Gods Will Always Smile Upon A Brave Woman".


"Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from"

After Crissy and Brandon, you're stuck with me. Hi i'm Shane, number one cousin and Axe slinger. My story isn't as thorough as my cousins but I love throwing axes just as they do. Here we do things as a family and we look forward to making new friends. 


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